I just finished reading a novel for the first time in … I can’t even tell you how long.


For the last 2 years since I’ve had my coaching business, my brain has gone something like this:


“You don’t have time to read for pleasure!”

“You have way too many business books you should be reading instead.”

“You’re not going to make any money reading a novel.”

Ugh. And I believed it! Deep down I honestly felt like I didn’t deserve to read for my own enjoyment. I hadn’t earned that right.


It reminded me a lot of when I didn’t feel worthy of wearing certain clothes or eating certain foods because I wasn’t happy with my body.


It got me thinking… what is it that you’re waiting to be worthy of? What would you love to be doing that you don’t feel you “deserve”? That you haven’t earned yet?



  • You wouldn’t even consider go out for dinner with friends unless you make sure to hit the gym – and burn off the calories in advance. And let’s not even talk about dessert.
  • You definitely wouldn’t dream of wearing a bikini this summer because your body is far from beach ready (whatever the f*ck that means anyway).
  • You’d love to go on more dates but you’re currently committed to your personal trainer. And besides, you have nothing good to wear cause you’ve been holding out on buying new clothes until you’re “thin enough”.


Whatever it is, you have my 100% full permission to go out and do the things you wish you were doing, eating, and wearing.


You do not need to be a certain size, or to be at your “goal” weight in order to deserve these things. You’re already worthy of them just for being a living, breathing, loving human being.


That is all.