It’s no secret that water is good for us. In fact, the benefits of drinking water are really quite astounding. Water can help to flush unwanted toxins from your body (we’re constantly detoxing, whether you’re on a “cleanse” or not), it can ward off headaches caused by dehydration, and can even keep your skin clear.


Drinking water can also aid in weight loss, because one of the common signs behind cravings is actually thirst! When you’re hydrated, your body has less confusion around whether you’re hungry or just thirsty, so you’ll be less likely to reach for that snack or stand in front of the fridge looking for something to eat. Plus, by combining water with fruits, you’re not only staying hydrated, you’re also getting the benefit of added antioxidants and vitamins. Not to mention it tastes delicious, and just might be what your sweet tooth is after (yes, you can eat the fruit too!)


Are you drinking enough water?


I personally find I feel my best when I drink around 2 litres of water per day, or more depending on how much I might drink during exercise or a hot yoga class. The general rule of thumb is to divide your weight (in pounds), and that number (in ounces) is what you should be aiming for each day. So, if you weigh 160 pounds, your ideal water intake would be 80 ounces, or just over 2 litres, a day.


If you’re looking for ways to up your water intake or to spice things up a bit, this recipe is a must try!


The best part is it’s hardly even a recipe, more of a guideline – you can use just about any fruit, and the amount you use can be totally flexible. Stick to water based fruits (think citrus, watermelon or berries) rather than creamier ones like banana or avocado and you’ll be golden.


Fruit Infused Water Guidelines

Yields about 1 L


about 1 cup chopped fruit (water-based fruits are best)

4 cups or 1 L of purified water (or sparkling mineral water)

Optional: a few sprigs of fresh herbs like mint, rosemary, or basil


Combine fruit and water into a glass jug or mason jar, and let sit for at least half an hour before drinking. The longer you leave it to infuse the stronger the taste will be. If storing it for more than an hour or two, keep the container in the fridge until you’re ready to serve!




  • If using fresh berries, you’ll get best results if you muddle (or lightly mash) them in the container before adding the water.
  • Organic is always best when it comes to fresh produce. Strawberries, peaches and nectarines are all on the “dirty dozen” list, meaning the conventional varieties contain some of the highest amount of pesticides.
  • Feel free to keep adding water to the fruit as you drink it, however I would only recommend reusing the same fruit for about a day or two.
  • Water can be infused directly into your reusable water bottle, just make sure the mouth is wide enough that you’ll be able to get it all out afterwards. Otherwise, use a strainer or funnel to pour the infused water into your bottle.


Looking for inspiration? Try these combinations:


strawberries + lemon (pictured)

raspberries + lime

cucumber + lime + mint

peaches + watermelon

cantaloupe + basil